• Educating Humans to Build Relationships with Dogs

    Creating amazing K-9 teams with a foundation of trust in learning

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  • Lets make your pup a rockstar!

    Our training prepares dogs to know the appropriate behavior for a wide variety of situations

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  • Obedience, Agility, Rally & Other Fun Classes

    From Puppy Socialization to Sport Dog Classes, we have it all! Join us to have fun with your dog!

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We strive to build the human and K-9 team on a strong foundation of trust and bond!

Our mission is to help you develop a trusting, and loving team between yourself and your dog. We use methods based on the up-to-date science in canine training. We aim to build on the trust and the faith our four legged friends have in us to develop a strong, healthy foundation. We feel that this is the best way to set up a future of strong, confident, and amazing K-9 teams.

We educate humans to educate their dogs. Our method of training is always driven by our statement of “Two Feet, Four Paws, One Team” This is offered through private lessons, classes, workshops, and seminars. We are excited to bring this method to other pet parents and to work with you and your pup!

For more information please feel free to reach us on the whatsapp using the QR code below

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Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Please check our the national recognized Certification for Professional Dog Trainers for more information on our certification process. We take work with your pup very seriously and strive to always be continuing our education to maintain our certification. Along with always providing you with the up to date and most effective training we can!  https://www.ccpdt.org/

Canine Good Citizen & Trick Dog Evaluator

We are an evaluator for AKC star puppy, canine good citizen, community canine, urban canine and all trick levels! Please feel our contact form for more information on how to attain one of these amazing titles!

Family Dog Mediator



Puppy and Adult Obedience Classes

These classes are made to develop a skill set that all K-9 teams need. The classes start at puppy kindergarten and go up to adult manners. They are designed to provide fun, appropriate methods to help make a good human/dog companionship. With the goal to have a well trained dog you can take with you in public and they are good canine citizens. Having a well behaved dog in public is the main goal for all our classes!

Specialized fun/competitive classes

Here at Inspire K-9’s we also like to offer classes for teams that want to further challenge their teams. Along with providing owners with something other than “obedience” classes. Allowing them to train for fun or get ready for competitive trialing. We offer rally, agility, CGC, retriever, trick, nosework, Human Scent Tracking, weight pulling and obedience classes.

Private Lessons, Day Training, & Manners Sessions

Taken your puppy classes, or manners classes however still feel like you need a little extra one on one? How about you have a dog that wont do well in a public setting and needs help building up to that while learning manners at the same time? Find it difficult for you to learn how to train your dog and teach your dog that training at the same time?

Through the powers of Facebook, I found Megan and Inspire K-9s after adopting our love, Petey, a rescue pitbull-mix from down South. We adored him and his puppy silliness, but knew that silliness would soon be just plain bad behavior if we didn’t get him trained properly.

Petey, myself, and my husband attended classes together and were blown away by how quickly Petey took to instruction. There’s no doubt Megan knows her stuff and the methods she teaches (both humans and pups!) are spot on. She explains the ‘why’ behind her methods which is so helpful for those of us who need to understand why we need to do it ‘this’ way not ‘that’ way.

We also had her to our home for a private lesson to assist in training Petey to ring a bell hanging from the door knob when he needs to go outside for bathroom time (mama didn’t always see him sitting at the door like a gentleman!) and she had him ringing it like a champ within minutes and he has been doing it consistently ever since.

Don’t bother to Google for dog training in this area. Just sign up with Inspire K-9. Megan is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, in addition to having a genuine care and concern for the dogs and families she interacts with. We feel lucky to have found her and look forward to continued training for our still-very-silly-but-at-least-trained boy.

Melissa, Sage, and Petey

If I could give Megan and Inspire K9 a rating of 10 stars, I would! We adopted our rescue, Fritz, at 3 months old. He’s a Cattle Dog Mix and has some behavior challenges that my husband and I have been working on thanks to Megan’s help. When we first met Megan at Barnstead Old Home Day, we basically said “HELP” as he nipped at anything in range, but also looked oh-so-cute. We have taken all 3 levels of puppy classes at Inspire K9 and the difference between the puppy we adopted and the growing-pup we have now is amazing! Fritz was a crazy puppy that nipped at ankles, humans, and anything that moved. Megan has taught us so many skills, most importantly how we can work as a TEAM. She’s also been incredibly accommodating. Fritz had a minor virus while we were in our Puppy Level II course, and couldn’t be around other pups.

Megan met with us privately so Fritz wouldn’t lose out on any training. I don’t know anyone else that would give the sort of personal attention that Megan has given us. With all of our training, Fritz has become a (mostly) well behaved pup that listens to us, and seems to enjoy classes at Inspire K-9 as much as we do! With puppy classes coming to a close, we have signed up for the workshops and extra Brain Games classes Megan has offered, and look forward to her Agility Classes and Drop In’s in the Spring! We LOVE all the various offerings Inspire K-9 has, and sign up for every one that fits our schedule. We love working with our puppy, with Megan, and most of all, working as a team! Thank you Megan!

Jenna, Joel & Fritz

Megan is an experienced and knowledgeable trainer who proactively seeks growth herself. She truly understands dog behavior and needs as evidenced by how well behaved my dogs are a few moments after she walks in the door (a crazy puppy and a middle-aged yapper). She makes training fun for the dogs and trains us humans to be patient, reasonable, and appropriately responsive. We are all having fun! I didn’t think our yapper was trainable but after an hour long session this morning, we are experiencing the most quiet we have in 6 years. No kidding.

Her class, training, and seminar options are varied and interesting. She’s also just good person who is dedicated. She helped me find reputable dog breeders and has gone above and beyond providing training services and support in between sessions.

Britni Lamontagne , with Kahlua & Fenway

I’ve had a few training sessions so far for my 1 year old Frankie. It has gone soooo well! I honestly didn’t think he was capable of some of the challenges he’s been given but he’s doing great. I really like how Megan explains and shows me AND Frankie what to do. I have just as much training to do as he does, ha! Megan is very natural and Frankie responds very well to her. We’ve also done some distraction training with Megan’s husband and their dog. That was very interesting. I left feeling soooo proud of my puppy and very hopeful of good things to come. Looking forward to my next training appointment

Kelly Tibbs & Frankie!

I went for my first meeting with Megan. So excited to have her help me with my rescue/foster dog. Megan is very knowledgeable, and had great advice. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Beautiful facility, very clean.

Diane O’Connell & Layla!

I have been working with Harley several times a day for several minutes on the command “touch” like we know she has a mind of your own but I’m happy to report we were outside and she was about 20 feet from me about ready to get into some turkey poop that I pushed off the driveway and I said “Harley Touch” was I Surprised!!!! she looked up and came running .

Linda & Harley

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