Ep 11: What is Reinforcement?

So, what is reinforcement for dogs? Think you know? Guess again! Megan Arey, AAS, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator Owner and Trainer talks today about Reinforcement! Learn from Megan as she continues her series on communication and shares how dogs view reinforcement differently than humans and how we can learn to reinforce the dogs in front of us effectively to modify the behaviors or patterns that we may accidentally be reinforcing. Join Megan as she gives us insight into how to encourage the behavior we want and to help your dog continue to grow their skillset so we can continue to develop our relationship with them! You won’t want to miss this episode!


The Dog Owners Guide Podcast: What is Reinforcement?

We discuss topics such as:

  • What IS reinforcement?
  • What is the difference between good, bad, and general reinforcement?
  • How to reinforce your dog?
  • Why do we reinforce?
  • When do we reinforce?
  • What’s your verbal marker queue?
  • How to reward the correct way so your dog knows the placement of their reward.
  • How long should you reinforce a dog for their behavior?

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