EP 18: Quick Tips on Babies, Kids, and Dogs

Megan Arey, AAS, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator Owner & Trainer talks today about babies, kids, and dogs and how to set them up for success in every situation! Joining Megan for this episode are her own two boys, LB and Charlie! They give you an inside perspective of a child as to what they have learned about dogs and how to be respectful of their boundaries. This is a great episode for your own children to listen to so they can learn alongside them. Megan also talks about some helpful tips to help set up your home for success as you prepare your dog for a new baby and tips for kids and dogs as they grow. This episode is one the whole family can enjoy, and we are so excited to help you set both your kids and dogs up for long-term success!

The Dog Owners Guide Podcast: Quick Tips on Babies, Kids, and Dogs

We discuss topics such as:

LB and Charlie discuss:
  • How they say “Hi” to a dog
  • Why they don’t approach dogs they don’t know
  • What to do when you see a service or working dog
  • Tips on petting dogs
  • Feeding dogs
  • What they want other kids to know who may be starting out in training
  • Wagging tails and what they can really mean
Other topics:
  • Setting up your home when you’re expecting
  • What to do when you bring your baby home for the first time
  • Helping kids learn how to respect your dog’s boundaries
  • How you can involve your kids in training your dog

Resources and Links:

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  • For more information or fun games to play with dogs and kids, visit the Miss Behavior Training website.

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