Ep 7: Train The Dog In Front Of You

Megan Arey, AAS, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator Owner and Trainer talks today about the importance of learning to Train the Dog In Front of You.  Over her break, Megan was able to spend some time thinking of her own goals for 2022 and reflected on what that might mean to her.  She realized that all the goals she came up with, were from the dogs that were right in front of her!  Learn from Megan as she shares what you can also learn from your dogs.  Megan will also deep dive into the key differences between dogs and how they learn, what drives them, what reinforces them, how they survive, and understanding what your dog’s purpose is.  You won’t want to miss this episode!



The Dog Owners Guide Podcast: Train the Dog In Front of You

We discuss topics such as:

  • What Megan’s goals are for 2022
  • How using a dog’s mindset can help you:
  1. Be more present in the moment
  2. Be more mindful of others and our surroundings
  3. Not set high expectations for yourself and those around you, but realistic and manageable expectations.
  • Her biggest goal she challenges you with this year for you and your dog
  • What the key differences are within dogs that may help you learn their learning styles, drives, reinforcement (how we pay them), how they survive and understanding the purpose that your dog was bred for
  • How to use “breed bias” for you to help your dog learn the way they need
  • How to help you think about who is training your dog and their abilities to know what YOUR dog needs and enlisting the help of a trainer, if needed, to help you be more successful in understanding your dog, how to teach them, how their drive is and what the reinforcement style is

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